Give a new twist to the cat-eye look


Give a new twist to the cat-eye look

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Cat-eye makeup isn't new. However, it will never go out of style, thanks to the different twists that celebrities and models are adding to it. Here we decode three different twists to this classic.

For basic cat-eye makeup: Use a primer and then a foundation on your entire face, including the eyelids, to even out your skin tone. Then use pressed powder on your lids to create a base. Take a gel, liquid or pencil liner. Line you upper lid from the inner to the outermost corner in a medium thick stroke. Your liner should be thinner on the inner corner of your upper eyelid, and thicker on the outer corner. Now, draw the flick. Begin from the outer corner and make a thin line upwards and outwards.

Sultry goddess

The smokey cat-eye: Get this look by keeping your liner thicker at the edges. Apply a charcoal (if you're wheatish) or dark brown (if you're fair) powder shadow over your upper lashes. Use a black liner on the lower lash.

Dramatic Diva

The block cat-eye: Take the graphic makeup love that the fashion world is showing to your peepers with a block winged eye that squares at the edges. Channel model Twiggy from the 1960s by dotting the lower lash line with a kohl pencil.

Girl next Door

The classic cat-eye: The classic winged eye is a failsafe look for any occasion that demands some drama. Make sure you use plenty of mascara to enhance the effect of the liner. Keep the lips light for a day look and go deep red if you have the courage to vamp it up.Read more at:princess prom dresses uk


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