British Pie Awards in Melton



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The tradition of the wedding pie is to be revived at next year’s British Pie Awards in Melton.

While wedding cakes have been the fashion for the past 500 years, it used to be sweet or savoury pies that were the centrepiece of the wedding feast.

In April next year, hundreds of pies will be presented for judging at the pie awards and the speciality category will be challenging bakers to produce the best “bride’s pie”.

Matthew O’Callaghan, chairman of the British Pie Awards, said: “Each year we launch the awards to encourage innovation in pies and we’re never disappointed.

“l can’t wait to see what the 2015 awards bring.

“In 2014 we had everything from salt beef and gherkins to pastrami and pickle and even a squirrel pie.

“In 2015, the speciality class will be the bride’s pie, harking back to days of old before the traditional cake we know today was wedding custom.

“Prior to the 17th Century, pie - sweet and savoury - rather than cake was served at most weddings and guests would often bring a pie as a gift.

“And - in a tradition predating the throwing of the bouquet - a glass ring was placed at the centre of the Bride’s Pie and the guest who got the piece with the ring was considered the next to be wed.”

This year there were 825 individual pies entered and about 100 judges were involved in the sixth annual contest at St Mary’s Church in the town.

Next year’s awards will take place on April 22, 2015, with all kinds of pies being judged, including hot, cold, sweet and savoury.

Apart from the speciality class, all pies entered have to be commercially available.

Mr O’Callaghan said 2015 was expected to break entry records as the classes expand from 19 to 20 classes.

The new class will be for pies that are gluten-free.

The category has been inspired by Warwickshire company Proper Pies Ltd, which won in the beef & ale class in the 2014 awards with their gluten free beef, Guinness and root vegetable pie.

Gary Davies from the company said developments in dietary needs had made the new class very timely.

He said: “We’re sensitive to the developments in the food market, which is why we entered this pie last year.

“This new class will hopefully encourage other manufacturers to develop contemporary recipes that can be enjoyed by everyone.”

People wanting to enter a pie in the competition have from now until April 3, 2015, to do so.

The competition is open to pie producers of all sizes, with a special rate for companies with fewer than 10 pie makers.Read more here:orange prom dresses


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