Fashion for a Cause moves to the Armory


Tall, leggy Amanda Fitzgerald Chadwick was practicing her best runway moves for the upcoming Fashion for a Cause event. Chadwick is one of 14 models who will prowl the catwalk May 7 in the name of hospice work.
Because so many residents flock to Fashion for a Cause, organizers will provide more room this year. They're moving the glam reception and fashion show from the Annapolis Porsche dealership on Hudson Street to the Annapolis National Guard Armory next door at 18 Willow St.

The seventh annual event is sponsored by Hospice Hundred, founded in 2006 to support the work of Hospice of the Chesapeake. Proceeds will benefit Hospice of the Chesapeake's Chesapeake Kids program. It serves families in Anne Arundel and Prince George's counties by providing support and guidance when a family faces a child's terminal illness. Chesapeake Kids also offers counseling and support for children and families mourning a loss.

"I started Hospice Hundred because my friends didn't want to go to a big, starchy, formal gala," said Laura Strosnider, the organization's chairman.

There was also a perception issue among people, she said. "They associated the word hospice with death and old people."

She learned firsthand the quality services Hospice of the Chesapeake provides when her husband, Mark Dull, died of a brain tumor at age 34. He had gentle, attentive, in-home hospice care his final two weeks.

At first, the Hospice Hundred members held wine tastings and small fashion shows while educating attendees about Hospice of the Chesapeake's mission.

The Fashion for a Cause models first strutted down the runway in the Porsche dealership's garage bay in 2008. This year, Colleen Shannon will be master of ceremonies for the show. Shannon, a former Playboy Playmate of the Month, is founder of the World DJ Foundation, an organization that unites DJs worldwide to help children and the less fortunate. These DJs' volunteer efforts include establishing programs for children with special needs.

The Hospice Hundred members are all volunteers, as are the runway models. The Westin Hotel is donating food by the staff of head chef James Barrett. Cup+Cake Blvd and Lin's Cuisine are also providing treats. Plus, there will be several bars set up dispensing beverages provided by The Sandy Bottom Drink, Sloop Betty Vodka and Vida Taco Bar.


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Best Beauty


The Radio Disney Music Awards on April 25 was all about the music, but we can’t get over the stunning beauty looks of our favorite celebs on the red carpet! Who’s look was your favorite, HollywoodLifers?

Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya, Peyton List, and Olivia Holt are just a few of the gorgeous attendees at the Radio Disney Music Awards! Their hair & makeup stood out from the rest with bold spring lipstick catching our eye and can you guess who’s rocking a wig?! Get into their looks and VOTE on your favorite below!

Radio Disney Music Awards Hair & Makeup — Jennifer Lopez, Zendaya & More

Ariana Grande might be known for the half-up ponytail, but we also love whenever J-Lo rocks this look! She was breathtaking when she received her award with her loosely waved pony and pretty bangs framing her glowing complexion. Her makeup was natural in appearance with only a subtle smokey eye to add drama to her look.

Did you guess which one of our leading ladies rocked a wig? Zendaya, of course! The young actress can never stick to one style long and she actually donned 3 different wigs over the course of the evening. She arrived on the red carpet rocking long curls, took to the stage rocking a shoulder length lob, and was later seen with straight, long black hair! This exotic hairstyle suited her well and she completed her look with smokey eyeshadow and a rose colored lip.

Who's look was your favorite?

JLoZendayaPeyton ListOlivia HoltVoteView ResultsOlivia Holt, Peyton List & More Stun At RDMA

Another one of our red carpet favorites is the gorgeous Kickin’ It star, Olivia! We can’t get enough of her carefree blonde waves styled by Ryan Richman and her makeup featured a bright, fresh faced complexion and hot pink lipstick(done by celeb makeup artist, Mai Quynh).

Peyton seemed to have gotten the pink lip memo! Her fun lipstick was balanced out by her classic hair that was styled in a middle part with the hair at her temples slicked and pinned back for an elegant appeal. It’s so awesome that Peyton can pull off classic looks and still make them age appropriate and fun.

All of these girls and more were beautiful at the 2015 Radio Disney Music Awards, but who was your favorite? VOTE and let us know!

— Kindra Bailey

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Linda Rodin on What Her Mother Taught Her About Beauty


I don't say this lightly, but Linda Rodin is a beauty industry icon: She's known for her eponymous beauty line (which includes the cult-favorite Rodin Olio Lusso Luxury Face Oil—arguably the face oil that started it all), her signature look (without fail: silver hair up, bright lipstick on), and her refreshing stance on aging ("I tried fillers, but I just looked weird."). I got the chance to sit down with her just in time for Mother's Day to out about how her mother inspired her newest fragrance,Rodin bis, and the most important beauty lessons her mother taught her.

Linda Rodin mom

photo:cheap prom dresses

How would you describe your mother [shown above] and her sense of style? "My mother was quite glamorous and also very original. Whatever she seemed to wear always looked unique yet beautiful and stylish. She had really thick, gorgeous hair, and my sister and I were so jealous because we got frizzy hair."

What’s the most important beauty lesson she taught you? "To be friendly and vivacious."

How did your mother inspire your bis fragrance? "The whole thing started as an homage to my mom. It was a scent-memory thing. I didn’t know what perfume [she wore], but I knew the scent. I worked with David Moltz of D.S. & Durga to recreate her indelible scent. He got it just right."

How does it remind you of your mother? "My mother smelled like lipstick, powder puffs, tobacco—everybody smoked then—and Juicy Fruit gum. I told David about these scent memories and he knew exactly what to do to put [the fragrance] together."

What do you think is the best Mother’s Day gift someone can give? "Love. And bis."

You’re known for always wearing bold lipstick. Was that something you picked up from your mother? "My mother always and forever wore lipstick—she would be in her night gown and coat, and as she was driving us to school, she’d be putting on lipstick. She definitely made me aware of the beauty of lipstick at a young age. I feel a bit naked without it."

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Leave it to the Aussies to design a dress made of beer


photo:graduation dresses uk

You're familiar with the phrase "You are what you eat," but how about "You wear what you drink"?

It might be time to get used to the idea: A couple years ago, researchers at the University of Western Australia came up with a dress made of wine, and now fellow Aussie Gary Cass and his team at Nanollose have taken the concept a step further. They've created a dress that not only looks gorgeous, but also is made entirely from beer.

I love Australians.

The new dress was created in collaboration with visual artist Donna Franklin, and was inspired by the shape of the hop plant. But how exactly does one make a dress out of beer? Answer: By crafting a material (dubbed Nanollose Microbial Cellulose) from byproducts of the bacterial fermentation process.

If you're worried about walking around smelling like a pub, don't be. In a press release, Cass explained that "unlike the wine dresses, the new Beer Dress has no smell and greatly improved flexibility." He also states that the fibers of the material are chemically similar to cotton.

Speaking of cotton, Cass hopes that the Nanollose will catch on and provide an environmentally friendly alternative to agriculturally intensive fabrics. Allegedly, it can be mass-produced with relative ease, and without many of the environmental costs that come with traditional agriculture.

Fashionistas may be particularly intrigued to learn that the material can be grown as a single unit. Seamless dresses, made-to-fit custom gowns, suits without stitching—the possibilities seem pretty endless.

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Boutiques say bright colors mark spring


The colors are brighter than usual” even for spring, said Nancy Toothaker of the Open House Gift Shop. “In terms of clothes, tunics have been selling with bright geometric patterns.

“I think people are just so tired of the cold weather. Last Friday it was kind of nice out and people were out trying to spruce up their wardrobe in the hopes of wearing something nice for once. Or they’re going on vacation and they want to freshen up and warm up their colors.”

A lot of those popular, bright colors are being paired with white denim, said Erica Malhotra of B Chic.

“Lots of pops of color and a lot of white denim to pair with tops — whether they are everyday tops or going-out tops,” she said. “Really, the trend is to pair tops with skinny or straight white denim with ballet flats or wedges.”

At Signature Style, Ann Nash said she’s seen a growing market for easy-care fabrics, ones that don’t require dry cleaning, and casual dresses for young women.

“We’re selling more casual dresses for everyday wear,” Nash said. “My girls wear dresses all the time now, instead of just on special occasions like going to dinner with Grandma. Sometimes they’ll layer it with a top underneath because it might be spaghetti straps.”

Megan Abrahamsen, of Blue Star Bazaar, agreed.

This spring’s highlights include “print dresses for girls and ladies in all colors and styles – from short dresses to maxis in neutrals, pinks, blues, and green.

Nash has also noticed in recent years that stocking clothing for a wider audience has become easier, as women’s and teen clothing have become far more similar.


One item that has been especially popular at B Chic is a Lokai bracelet, Malhotra said.

“It’s a bracelet that’s $18. It’s clear with one black bead and one white bead. The white bead has water from Mt. Everest and the black bead has mud from the Dead Sea. Those are the highest and lowest points on earth,” she said.

“It’s to remind you when you’re on top of the world you need to stay humble, but if you’re at your lowest point it reminds you there’s always hope,” she said.

At Signature Style, Nash said she’s been selling a lot of long necklaces.

A baby print dress featured at Blue Star Bazaar designed by Masala.

photo:cocktail prom dresses

“All the high school girls are wearing sterling silver, layered necklaces,” she said. “They’ll have a small square on one necklace with a circle on another necklace and a bar on another,” she said.

They’re doing the same with rings, Nash added, layering small, delicate silver rings.


Clutches, once a formal-wear staple, have come down in price and are more common for women to use on a day-to-day basis, Nash said.

“We have sold all kinds of clutches, not just going out at night,” she said. “So many things have come down in price, so we have a lot of things at more reasonable price points. They’re a little a more disposable, though, so a woman will use it for one season and then move on.”

At Open House, Toothaker said she’s been selling a lot of leather totes.

“Leather tote bags have been really popular, with bright colors, little stud details and any other type of ornamentation,” she said. “Just something to make it a little bit flashy, basic updates with sparkles or studs.”

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Church, NYPD, ruffles in prom dress, shoes, purses for teens


The NYPD joined Highland Church members to put together a charity prom dress event for young women in Jamaica Saturday at the Fellowship Hall on 162nd Street.

The event, where 50-60 young ladies arrived ready to shop, included donated prom dresses, glittery purses on a table and matching heels as well as hair stylists, manicurists, personal stylists and a costume jewelry booth.

“First it was about the dresses and now it has become much more than that. It has become about making these girls feel beautiful,” said Pamela Damon, who started Prom Impact two years ago. The group collects prom dresses for at-risk young women in junior and/or high school.

photo:evening dresses

The idea came after Highland Church, located on 160-20 Highland Ave in Jamaica, held debutante events and had left-over dresses but no one to wear them.

“It started off with helping 10 girls and then we got the NYPD and Community Affairs involved. Thanks to them, it has grown immensely,” Damon said.

About 60 girls attended Saturday’s prom dress affair.

The neighborhood precincts the 113th and 105th made announcements during community council meetings and collected dresses at their precincts.

“It was hard work from every angle, between collecting dresses and the 2,000 emails we sent out,” said Damon.

The prom dresses, shoes, and accessories came in every shape, size and color imaginable. Every time a young woman found her prom dress, a crowd would gather around her, clapping and cheering, with the song “Girl On Fire” by Alicia Keys blaring in the background.

“Some of these girls are at-risk, some are homeless, some are abused, but there some who are your everyday girl - just looking for a prom dress,” said Damon.

Along with beauty booths set up to address the needs of a young lady attending prom, there were other booths to explain prom etiquette, personal health, relationship advice and catwalk tutorials for the prom entrance.

There was also a “take a selfie with a cop” booth where young women gathered with police officers and took pictures to celebrate their new dresses and their new look.

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When fashion is frightening


My first experience of Nintendo’s Style Savvy: Trendsetters was abject terror. As the game begins, my avatar stares wistfully through the window of a fashion boutique; it has some name like Stella Mia. The arriving owner of the shop senses my innatefashion passion, invites me inside and immediately gives me a job. She pushes me toward a customer ("Should be no problem for someone as well-dressed as you"), who says something like, "I'm looking for a girly base layer." A shelf full of clothing pops up. I freeze.

The stakes were, in reality, probably pretty low. Most of the pieces I could have chosen would probably have satisfied her. I'm sure she would have happily let me keep showing her item after item until I found one that qualified. But this situation is one that I live some variation of every day, and in those cases, the stakes could not be higher.

As a trans woman who grew up without ever being taught the thousand secret rules of performing femininity, I walk through life terrified that I'm wearing something the wrong way, this couldn't possibly go with that, I must look ridiculous wearing this outfit in this weather - no one else is wearing a long black dress and tights. Any detail could give away the game, could expose the facade of my femininity to reveal that I'm a Fake Woman.

Possible repercussions range from micro-aggressions that will slowly but steadily erode my self-esteem to immediate physical violence. So when a tiny video game woman asked me to pick out a top that would look good on her, I panicked for a minute. She could not know, Nintendo could not have known, what it would mean to have a video game correct me on women's clothing. It wouldn't just mean I didn't know my fashion: It would call into question my entire relationship to womanhood.

photo:cocktail dresses uk

I eventually chose something, probably a camisole in the cream-to-pink range, and of course she loved it. "Wow, you've got a real eye for fashion," said my new supervisor. I remained on edge the next few requests ("I'd like some feminine shoes," "I could really use a pop outer layer"), but it soon becomes clear that there's a one-to-one relationship between the adjectives customers use to describe the styles they want and the handful of different clothing brands in the game. The words "pop," "feminine" and "girly" are all printed in a different color so you know they're Important Keywords -- match the keyword to the fashion label to win.

"You're a real visionary," gushes the boutique owner, who I think is named Michaela. "I would love it if you could start working here full-time. I can tell you have a bright future ahead of you." For residents of the reputedly cut-throat fashion world, people in this game sure are nice.

Later in the game, when you're running the boutique yourself, a representative from the local clothing depot will drop by to ask which brand she should next solicit for a stall in her building. When I pick the Raven Candle brand, with the gothic corsets and things like that (I need more black clothes in my virtual closet), she tells me, "We were just conferring about this and came to the exact same conclusion. I knew your knack for the latest styles wouldn't let me down."

You can't help asking yourself: are these cisgender ladies patronizing me? Especially when that spectre of doubt plagues my every interaction with a style-savvy afab (Assigned Female at Birth) or cis woman friend. Compliment my shoes? Tell me my dress looks good? You're just saying that because I'm trans. You're trying to be nice. I show up to my video game fashion boutique wearing a green zebra-print top with a purple leather jacket and orange miniskirt and my customers rave about how well-dressed I am before begging me to find them a “boho-chic” outer layer.

When you're a tall, fat trans lady, the game quickly becomes a wish-fulfilment engine. There's only one body type in the world of Style Savvy -- ultra-thin -- andeverything fits it. For every piece of clothing you buy for your boutique, a "free sample" of the same piece is delivered to your home by a delivery bro who’s likeable despite himself, and who has an obvious crush on you. Soon you've got quite a wardrobe. The thought of wearing a whole new outfit each day, instead of just alternating between the same two outfits I currently feel comfortable leaving the house in, is an amazing escapist fantasy to me.

It's expensive to be a woman, or at least the kind of woman I want people to think of me as. The kind who's been at this for years instead of just for the few years since I grew comfortable enough to walk outside in a dress (and then had to figure out how to shop for dresses). I want people to think my outfits are dictated by my unerring sense of style instead of my dysphoria. If I wear black all the time, it's because it's slimming, goes with anything and absolves me of having to match colors. Looking towards my closet, I see a wall of black fabric with a single denim vest and purple hoodie peeking out. (The purple hoodie has black stripes.)

At the intersection of trans and living below the poverty line lies a potent impostor syndrome. I make sure the same friend doesn't see me wear the same thing twice in a row, at least changing my shoes or a cardigan, lest my my gender be seen as a cheap disguise. Is that the only dress she owns?

Games have always been an escape from that, offering an entire closet to choose from (and, often, a less dysphoric body to dress). From the kisekae games I played when I was little and not yet woman-identified to contemporary Flash dollmakers, these virtual paper dolls gave me permission to fantasize about what presenting femme might look like. I can still spend hours on

Without these games, who knows if the me-I-used-to-be would have been able to imagine the me-I-am-now into existence? This is why I'm immediately drawn to any game that has avatar-editing, and Style Savvy is nothing but.

I’m currently designing my own fashion game about chubby witches wearing magical clothes - at first it was a kisekae-style single-player game, then a multiplayer game with real paper dolls and Magic: the Gathering-style sorcerers' combat, and most recently it’s become a game about designing outfits and fighting over magical accessories. Now, it's going in a direction inspired more by the runway walk and ball culture, where players design and present outfits and take turns as judges, cutting down each other's creations.

Those right there are the twin heads of the fashion beast: one is the liberation of endlessly reimagining ourselves, and the other is the swift social censure for imagining ourselves incorrectly. The customers I dress in Style Savvy -- all the same model with the features slightly changed, all the same woman- - don't laugh behind my back (did you see what she was wearing?). Or if they do, I haven't unlocked that mode yet.

But for half an hour of my adult trans life, the threat of an imaginary cis woman raising a skeptical eyebrow at me was seriously scary. Almost as scary as that mother alien in Sesame Street 1 2 3 who shook her head at you when you got a math problem wrong. I was six years old, and I never picked up that game again.

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20 things no one tells you about your wedding day


Your wedding day.

Everyone tells you ‘enjoy it, it goes so fast!’ and ‘just be in the moment!’

But here are some of the things they won’t warn you about.

Here are 20 things no one tells you about your wedding day.

1. You won’t be able to eat

Due to extreme excitement, stress and, if you’re really lucky, a stress-induced cold.

2. You will worry about the silliest of things

Not whether the groom will turn up, but whether his best man will be wearing the correct flower in his buttonhole.

It’s the minute details that count, right?

3. You will feel strangely calm

You expected the day to be a flurry of nerves and worry, but while you sit there and get your hair and make up done, you just can’t wait to say ‘I do’ and get the party started.

Also, it really is too late to care if something goes wrong.

4. Something will go wrong

20 things no one tells you about your wedding day

photo:cheap evening dresses uk

You forget your hair accessory, your dress won’t quite close or the make up artist has made you look like Dolly Parton.

5. But you don’t really care

There’s no point being a Bridezilla when you’re moments from walking down the aisle, so you decide to embrace the mistakes and rock that slightly-too-small dress.

6. Walking down the aisle is rather fun

You thought you’d be in floods of tears, but you’re actually quite enjoying all the attention.


20 things no one tells you about your wedding day

Everyone is taking photos of you, screaming your name and trying to high five you.

You kinda feel like Beyonce.

8. Everyone is crying apart from you

What’s there to be sad about? Plus, you don’t want to spoil that intricately crafted eye make up.

9. Your cheeks hurt

You never thought you could smile this much.

10. Your husband looks happy to see you

YAY. He likes your dress. He looks cute. Isn’t this all delightful?

11. Husband?! Lol

Yeah, that one will take some getting used to.

12. The ceremony is emotional. Very

OK, maybe one or two tears won’t hurt the make up.

13. You will feel like Kim Kardashian at some point

There are videographers and photographers and fans following you around the whole time, and it’s amazing.

Why do famous people complain about the intrusion?

14. Even if you literally wore a black Primark onesie, everyone would compliment you constantly

‘OMG, your dress is amazing!’ ‘You look beautiful!’ ‘What a happy couple!’ Keep them coming, guys!

15. You have the best time ever

You thought you’d be running around worrying about the catering and flowers, but the minute the party starts, you just don’t care.

16. The speeches are inappropriate

Meh, polite ones would be boring.

*You make a note to yell at your new brother-in-law at a later date*

17. It feels no different being married

You expected something to feel new or unfamiliar, but everything feels exactly the same.

Apart from the fact you’ve got a REALLY expensive, pristine white dress on you, of course.

18. The dress doesn’t stay pristine for long

Let It Go.

You’ve done your dramatic walk down the aisle: the minute that’s over, dance the night away as if you were in a student club in Birmingham wearing hot pants.

The dress will get tattered, but you’re never going to wear it again anyway.

19. Never going to wear it again anyway?

A horrible realisation, this one. So much money spent on it. Just a few hours wearing it.

20. You will be SO DEPRESSED once the day is over

Yes, we know, it’s not the end, it’s just the beginning.

But, the truth is, your wedding day was the most fun you’ve EVER had, and it would take a hell of a lot to top it.

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Fun ways to keep fit in your office


Fun ways to keep fit in your office

(Photo:black evening dresses uk )

'Fitness at workplace' is the latest mantra in the corporate world. Companies have realised that regular exercise boosts employee morale, enhances productivity, reduces absenteeism and signs of burnout or depression.

Nowadays, the corporate employees not only stretch themselves beyond their responsibilities, but also stretch their muscles in the office gym.

A little bit of planning and a few small additions in one's office routine can help one a healthier lifestyle. According to a World Health Organisation report, India could incur losses to the tune of $237 billion by 2015 due to rise in lifestyle diseases like heart disease, diabetes, stroke and cancer, because of unhealthy workplaces.

Here are some easy everyday things you can do to get healthy and fit while at your workplace:

Stay hydrated: Water helps your body with physical and mental performance, detoxification and digestion. Keep a water bottle at your desk and you'll find it much easier to drink the recommend eight glasses of water each day. It will ease stress and result in sustained energy throughout the day. You can also supplement it with fresh lemonade and coconut water, etc, to avoid monotony.

Make reasons to walk around: Give yourself several reasons to take a break and move around after every 40 minutes. Simply getting up and moving around for a few moments can keep you focused, less fatigued and feeling better. For example, avoid ordering a cup of coffee/ tea at your desk, go and get it yourself or while speaking with someone on cell phone walk around till you end the call. Get down from your car if driven by a chauffer a few blocks before your office and walk the remaining distance provided you leave home 10 to 15 minutes before your usual time.

Hit the office gym in lunch hours: Try to exercise for 30 minutes during the lunch time and grab a bite at your desk afterwards. Encourage having an area of a simple gym in your office. It could be jogger or a stationary bicycle or a treadmill.

Simple stretching: People often face stress, back and joint pains and weight gain problems at work. To get rid of such health problems, while sitting in your chair, flex your feet and circle your ankles, stretch your legs and arms as frequent as you can.

Take the stairs: Whenever possible, get moving and take the stairs rather than the elevator. Taking stairs will keep you fit and energetic.

Pack healthy snacks: Rather than buying chips, junk food and sodas during office hours, bring some granola, fruit or raw veggies to snack on. This healthy diet will keep your energy levels fit and steady.

Conduct meetings on the go: When it's practical, schedule walking meetings or brainstorming sessions. Do laps inside your building or take your walking meetings outdoors.

Participate in different office games: Office games such as table tennis, basket ball are an interesting way to keep healthy and fit. These games not only keep your energy levels high but also keep your body in good shape. Read more here:long evening dresses


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Your shoe, an indicator of arthritis


Your shoe, an indicator of arthritis

(Photo: cheap prom dresses)

The way your shoe wears out could signal muscle and bone conditions, including the early onset of arthritis

Standing in long queues, crossing the entire length of a railway platform, and chasing a cab during rush hour — the average Mumbaikar takes between 8,000-10,000 walking steps (about 6-7.5 kms) every day while commuting.

No wonder that your brand new office shoes are likely to wear out in less than couple of years. Practising podiatrist and mobility consultant Chaitanya Shah says wearing of the shoe is normal in Mumbai. However, if the signs of wear and tear are more defined in specific areas than others, it could be an indicator of problems with your feet, knees, hips and back.

TOI gets experts to analyse patterns of weathering in footwear, and what each says about your health.

1. Outer heel worn out

The natural biomechanics of a foot landing start with a heel strike, followed by the mid-foot strike and flattening of the arch to absorb the landing impact, and finally the forefoot strike which pushes you off the ground and leads to the next stride. Normal shoe wear is seen at the centre of the heel with an exception of four degree on the outside. If the wear is seen beyond four degrees on the outside, the person is said to be supinating. "This happens with people who have a high arch that doesn't flatten with mid-foot landing. Therefore, their body weight is likely to fall on the outer edge of the heel and the foot. The feet lose shock absorption ability while landing and are not stable on rough surfaces," says Shah.

Health indicator: Such people are prone to frequent ankle sprain and injuries. Weight imbalance on the knees can lead to erosion of the knee cartilage on the outside and bring on early arthritis. This style of walking also puts a lot of pressure on the hip bone and can lead persistent pain of the bone while sitting or standing. Tip: Consult a podiatrist or orthopaedic expert who can guide you on gait training or the correct style of walking. Correcting your gait can remodel your bone structure.

2. Inside of heel

You are a pronator if the inner edges of your shoe heel wear out more than the rest of the sole. Pronation is a common problem with people with knocking knees and flat feet. Your arch flattens with the mid-foot strike and causes your foot to roll in under your body weight.

Health indicator: The spring action which leads to foot-lift off is gone with pronation. This leads to tightening of the calf muscles which become overused with the missing spring action. Cramps are frequent and swelling may be seen on the inside of the ankle joint. "This pattern of walking will also lead to an anterior pelvic tilt — when the front of the pelvis drops and the back of the pelvis rises — causing lower back aches. Such people often complain of getting tired very easily while walking," says Shah. Tip: Go for gait training. You may also need in-soles in your shoes to correct your walk.

3. Ball of big toe

If your shoe has become worn out at the ball of the big toe, you may be suffering from equinus deformity. Dr Sachin Bhonsle, orthopaedic surgeon at Fortis Hospital says, "The equinus deformity causes limited movement of the ankle due to a tight Achilles tendon. While walking, such people compensate by picking up the heel early during foot-landing and placing increased pressure on the ball of the foot."

Health indicator: In some patients, this tightness is congenital, while in others it is acquired by keeping the foot pointing downward for extended periods, such as, while sitting in a chair, or frequently wearing high-heeled shoes. It can lead to corns and calluses — hard dead yellowish skin — at the bottom of your feet. Tip: You will need soft cushioning or custom gel in-soles under the ball of your foot. Perform light stretches of the calf muscle and upward foot flexors to relax your Achilles tendon.

4. Big or little toe

When the shoe surface starts tearing on either sides of the big or the little toe, it indicates that you have a wide foot and have been wearing shoes that are too tight for you. Wearing high heels with a narrow toe also causes a similar pattern of wearing.

Health indicator: When your body weight falls unevenly on your forefeet, the pressure causes the joints to become unstable and protrude beyond the shape of your foot, causing bunions. It can lead to ingrown toe nails or hammer toes that form a claw shape. Tip: You need to wear wide boxtoes shoes in which you can wriggle your toes easily.

5. Mouth of shoe inside: You are wearing shoes that are bigger than your foot size. While walking, your feet are trying to adjust to the oversized shoe and therefore keep slipping out of the mouth. Friction causes the heel to rub against the rear causing the wear. As the heel is not stable, there is too much friction on the forefoot. If you put your hand inside the shoe, you will notice that the insole at the forefoot has entirely collapsed.

Health indicator: Friction can cause blisters on the heels or plantar fasciitis — inflammation of the thick tissue on the bottom of the foot. Because of the constant pressure on your forefoot, you may suffer from shin splints — acute pain in the shin and lower leg. Tip: Always measure your foot size before buying a new pair. Make sure they are snug fitting. Readc more here:cocktail dresses


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