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5 Easy Summer Braids for Super Curly Hair

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Mini Bun’ Drama on the Internet

A recently published hair tutorial inspired by the Marc by Marc Jacobs Spring 2015 show had the Internet up in arms. Beauty blog Mane Addicts called the Bantu knots “twisted mini-buns” and touted the popular style worn by women of color as a “new” trend. The folks on Twitter dropped some knowledge and had a lot to say about it.

CVS Rebrands Florida Stores to Appeal to the Hispanic Market

CVS pharmacy shoppers in Florida, beginning with Miami, will soon be able to purchase their favorite Agustin Reyes cologne and have a shot of cafecito. After acquiring Miami-based Navarro Discount Pharmacy (and its 33 locations) last year, CVS is keeping Navarro’s Latin customers around with the opening of CVS Pharmacy y más, which boasts an expansive fragrance counter and a bilingual staff.

Sephora’s Beauty Video Strategy Is Paying Off

Sephora is capitalizing on its popular beauty tutorials by successfully testing out YouTube’s new shoppable ads. The loyal following of the beauty retailer seems to be having a positive reaction to the click-to-buy banners and with 300,000 subscribers, things are moving in the right direction for the San Francisco-based company. [

Chanel to Open a Spa at the Ritz

While the famous Coco Chanel suite at the Ritz in Paris is getting a renovation, a Chanel spa will be added to the project. The French fashion house tells WWD that “Chanel au Ritz Paris” will open at the end of the year.

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Geri Halliwell Ties The Knot, Honeymoons In Cannes


Geri Halliwell, aka Ginger Spice, who was once known for multi-colored hair and micro-mini dresses in her years as a Spice Girl, opted for traditional lace as she walked down the aisle last week at her English wedding, tying the knot with Formula 1’s Christian Horner.

Geri Halliwell donned a classic white lace gown complete with long lacy sleeves, a full skirt, and flowing veil. The gown and veil were both Phillipa Lepley couture, according to a report in Us Weekly.

Halliwell 2

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Though Geri Halliwell’s wedding was a star-studded event, with the likes of Amanda Holden, Jennifer Saunders, Emma Bunton, and fiance Jade Jones in attendance, the bigger story may have been who was missing from the celebration.

Fellow Spice Girls Mel B (Brown), Mel C (Chisholm), and Victoria Beckham were all notably absent, though Beckham offered well-wishes via Twitter.

On Christian Horner’s side of the aisle, former Formula 1 driver Sir Jackie Stewart and Red Bull driver Daniel Ricciardo were present, along with Horner’s brothers Jamie and Guy. Horner’s parents skipped the ceremony in protest, as they were upset at Horner’s decision to call his 14-year relationship with Beverly Allen quits in favor of Halliwell, according to theWinnipeg Free Press.

Despite the absence of Horner’s parents the wedding went off without a hitch, with the newlyweds speeding off to their honeymoon in a vintage Rolls Royce.

The couple was soon spotted in Cannes, far away from the film crowd, strolling through the streets of the French Riviera town and enjoying carb-laden meals.

From Cannes, Halliwell and Horner popped over to Monaco to take care of some Formula 1business and see the sights.

Halliwell seems to have embraced married life with Horner. Not only has she chronicled the joy of their post-wedding travels via social media, she has also adopted his last name. Just recently, her profile names on Twitter and Instagram changed from Geri Halliwell to Geri Horner.

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How much should you give as a wedding gift?


When you go to as many weddings as Stephanie Wong does, you need to come up with some guidelines for gift-giving. During the past two years, Wong, 32, has been to about a half-dozen weddings. She expects to attend three more this year.

The amount Wong spends is all about her relationship to the people getting married, how fancy the wedding is going to be and whether she brings a date.

Shop for Hope fashion show (Kylie Mattu - Stage Lab)

At a recent wedding of a close friend where she did a reading and went alone, Wong gave the couple $300. At another wedding in her social circle, she skipped the reception and gave $75.

As the wedding season gets into full swing, guests are confronted with the same question: How much should you spend and how should you give it?

The etiquette

Wedding experts agree on a couple of things: The closer you are to the bride or groom, the more you are expected to give, and do not give more than you can afford just because of the expectations.

Defying the “cost-of-the-meal” school of gift-giving, in which guests give a gift roughly equivalent to what it cost to host them, Kristen Maxwell Cooper, says location and cost of the reception should not be the burden of the guest.

She offers these guidelines to wedding-goers wherever they might be: A distant relative or co-worker should give $75-$100; a friend or relative, $100-$125; a closer relative, up to $150.

Meghan Ely, who has been in the wedding industry for a dozen years, says it is reasonable to give on the lower end if you had to spend a lot to get there. And buying items off a registry, where there is one, is a good idea.

That’s about how it worked out for Melinda Parrish, a 30-year-old model from Washington, D.C., who got married last year in Annapolis, Md. Her guests spent an average $115 on her registry items, and most of her friends gave $50 to $100. Some who had financial obstacles made gifts or framed photos. One made a charitable donation in their name.

Most of all, she was surprised that about 40 of the 200 guests who attended gave nothing.

Alternative registries

Some experts note a trend of couples registering for various elements of their honeymoon, including a night at a hotel, a dinner or an evening of drinks.

It’s a request that runs afoul of some, including Peggy Newfield, founder of the American School of Protocol in Atlanta, who recently attended a wedding where the bride and groom solicited unusual presents. “You could check whether you wanted your gift to cover champagne on the plane or in their suite at the hotel, their limo service, dinner in the evening, or whatever,” she says.

Her way of responding to the request: “We sent just a congratulation card. There is no etiquette today that defines how crass our society has become.”

Cash has even taken a more modern twist — you can send a monetary gift with your credit card.

The 4,000 gifts given in Tendr’s just-completed first year in business averaged $125 nationwide.

Mitch Lipka is a Reuters contributor.


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McQueen review – fashion designer drama is an act of worship


It is hard to work out precisely what James Phillips’s study of the fashion designer Alexander McQueen is meant to be. At the end of 100 minutes, it struck me that it was primarily an act of worship: a secular hymn to a famous iconoclast who died tragically young at the age of 40. However you choose to define it, the show certainly doesn’t offer much in the way of drama. It starts in the cluttered Mayfair workroom of McQueen, familiarly addressed throughout as Lee. His space has been invaded by a dark-haired girl named Dahlia, who claims that she is an adoring fan who simply wants a dress. But, as Lee and Dahlia go on a night journey through London, it transpires that she is his alter-ego. In the course of their trip, they visit the tailors where Lee started work as a cutter, encounter the fashion stylist Isabella Blow and end up on Lee’s home turf in the East End.

McQueen at St James theatre, London

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Tracy-Ann Oberman as Isabella Blow and Stephen Wight as Lee in McQueen.

The further they travel, the darker becomes Dahlia’s depression, as if echoing that of her guide who, ironically, is left arguing the case for survival. Since Dahlia is basically Lee’s other self, there is little scope for conflict. But my chief complaint is that, although the show is full of allusions to Lee’s collections, it doesn’t tell us enough about how he worked. In Phillips’s reverent vision, he becomes the archetype of the doomed artist suffering under the pressure of out-topping his last creation. We are also told not once but several times that a dress is a sustaining illusion, “a fight between the world like the world is and the world like we want it to be”. But, although the piece is suffused with romantic agony and full of woozy generalities, it comes most alive when we actually see Lee getting to work with scissors and pins to make a dress for Dahlia that echoes The Girl Who Lived in the Tree collection.

Even if the show’s basic note is one of rapt obeisance, it is stylishly directed byJohn Caird and smartly choreographed by Christopher Marney, as mobile mannequins take us through the labyrinthine world of the hero’s imagination. Stephen Wight is also excellent as Lee: outwardly tough and self-assured, inwardly shy and vulnerable. Dianna Agron falls into monotonous vocal rhythms as Dahlia but there is good support from Tracy-Ann Oberman as Blow and David Shaw-Parker as an authoritative tailor. The real problem is that by treating Lee principally as a tortured genius, Phillips never gives us any great insight into the real McQueen.

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Is Nicola McLean getting re-married?


In the middle of rowing with Helen Wood on Twitter, Nicola McLean dropped a bit of cryptic tweet.

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The pretty blonde wrote: “Says it all doesnt it! Oh well I have a six bed house to take care of my boys to pick up and a wedding to prepare for.”

A wedding to prepare for? Hold up. Could Nicola and her ex Tom Williams be planning to renew their vows?

Earlier this month the love rat hinted that he and Nicola had reconciled when he posted a booby swimsuit picture of her in Las Vegas.

He captioned it: "This is my girl and my life - what a women , wife and mum."

Nicola hasn’t confirmed or denied that she’s back with father of her sons.

This is my girl and my life - what a women , wife and mum. #therewillbehaters

And this latest tweet has really got us thinking because what other wedding would she be preparing for? Answers on the back of a postcard please.

Nicola called things off with her hubby last summer amid claims he had been unfaithful.

Footage emerged of the dad-of-two getting more than close with a nightclub brunette.

Busty Nicola has been very outspoken about their breakup, saying her ex-footballer hubby would never "get anyone better" than her.

Last year, following months of heartache , Nicola told Mirror Celeb that Tom was doing everything he could to win her back.

She said: "He knows he's never going to get anyone better than me!

"It's all still raw. He's only just realised what he's lost. It's all still really hard.

FameFlynet"He's definitely trying to win me back, but I'm not sure if that's a good thing.

"I love and respect Tom as a friend and as the father of my kids. I'll always be there for him."

Mirror Celeb have contacted Nicola for comment.

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Weddings use games, contests as icebreakers for guests


At Bernie and Jordan Hajovsky’s wedding reception, it was useful to know details about the happy couple: Guests had to answer questions about them before they could join the buffet line.

The newlyweds hoped the trivia game and other activities would make the reception more memorable.

BC-US-SPE--Weddings-Games-ref (3).jpg

“I really wanted people to walk away feeling they had been involved and that it was the most fun wedding reception they had ever attended,” said Jordan Hajovsky, of Austin, Texas.

Games, contests and other icebreakers have become increasingly popular at wedding receptions, said Sarabeth Quattlebaum, spokeswoman for the American Association of Certified Wedding Planners, in Dallas.

“Couples want a party atmosphere and have realized that the more guests mix and mingle, the more relaxed they’ll be,” said Quattlebaum, owner of Sarabeth Events in Keller, Texas. “This also adds a personal touch to their reception party.”

Disc jockey Peter Merry says more and more couples are asking him to help organize reception activities, such as contests to win table centerpieces or asking guests to serenade the bride and groom with songs that include the word love in the lyrics. Other couples are incorporating photo booths, where guests can have their pictures taken in silly hats and holding goofy props.

With guests from different phases of their lives who may not know each other, brides and grooms want to provide opportunities to interact.

“If you can break down any discomfort, guests will stay longer and have more fun on the dance floor,” said Merry, of Dallas, author of “The Best Wedding Reception Ever” (Sellers, 2010).

DJ Jimmie Malone, who owns the company Exceptional Receptions in Binghamton, N.Y., encourages couples to include activities to set the tone and help balance the wedding’s “pomp and circumstance.”

“It keeps guests engaged,” Malone said.

Stephanie Goetz of Binghamton said the games at her 2011 wedding “helped break the ice. Between the different families and friends, the majority of people didn’t know each other. It was a lot of fun.”

Malone sometimes leads guests through an elaborate game in which they must pass a drink, a set of car keys and a dollar bill around the table. He keeps the crowd laughing and guessing about what the items mean. At the end, he announces that the person holding the money is “$1 richer” and that the holder of the drink must serve as the table’s bartender for the evening. The person with the car keys? Malone tells them jokingly, “Congratulations, you just won a new car.”

The centerpiece goes to the “generous person” who donated the $1.

If you can get guests “laughing early in the night, it sets the tone for the rest of the reception,” he said.

At other receptions, he has organized a version of “Let’s Make a Deal,” rewarding guests who can produce an expired driver’s license or the oldest penny in the room.

Of course, the games may not work for all the guests.

“It’s very easy for people to duck out,” Malone said. “If a table chooses not to play,” it’s not a problem.

Most times, the games help create a sense of camaraderie at the table where guests may not know one another, he said.

Along with trivia, the Hajovskys arranged for an instructor to teach line dances. Jordan Hajovsky loved watching her new friends interact with her college friends and family.

“It got everybody on the dance floor,” she recalled of her March 30 wedding.

Quattlebaum likened the trend to decades-old traditions such as stealing the groom’s shoes at an Indian wedding, or lifting the bride and groom in chairs while dancing at a Jewish wedding.

“These are all examples of wedding guests coming together as strangers and doing something to unite each one of them by working together toward a common goal or game,” she said.


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Style & Substance: Nazy Vassegh


I was at Sotheby’s for 19 years but left in 2009 to set up my own art consulting business. It was interesting to transition from a big corporate company to working for myself. Two years ago I joined Masterpiece, a multidisciplinary art fair that takes place in London at the end of June, as chief executive, but I’m lucky in that the art world is so creative that I don’t have to wear a suit. My days are very diverse, and I need an outfit that can take me from a breakfast meeting with a museum director to a dusty sculptor’s studio, and on to a dinner with clients.
Our offices are in Mayfair, where most of our clients and a lot of major art world figures are based, so the likelihood of bumping into someone is incredibly high. I always dress as though I might meet someone important. On a typical working day, I’ll wear black trousers and a top with a little jacket from Whistles, Stella McCartney or Diane Von Furstenberg. I get my staples from J Crew, but I splash out at Prada because I don’t think it dates, and their dresses suit my curves.

At the moment I’m in a phase of loving Halston Heritage dresses – as well as Sonia Rykiel’s new collection. But my one-stop shop for statement pieces is Brown’s boutique on South Molton Street. I know I can run in and pick up a dress from Roksanda Ilincic or a designer from the Browns Focus section very easily.

When I was at Sotheby’s they used to call me Imelda Marcos because I kept so many shoes under my desk. I still have some at Masterpiece but I try to keep it in check. I don’t tend to wear high heels in the day because I run around a lot but I keep mid-heels, platforms and wedges at work in case I need to change for a gallery opening, a talk, or a cocktail party. My favourites are metallic styles from Prada and Miu Miu – the shoes I’m wearing in this picture are my highest, but still relatively comfortable. Other tricks I have for switching into evening mode include wearing a brighter lipstick, changing my big tote bag to a clutch, and adding jewellery.

I’m more expressive with my clothes now than I was at Sotheby’s, simply because my role is a lot more visible. I don’t go to an office and sit there for most of the day, so I experiment with colour a lot more – I’ve always worn too much black. One thing that has stuck is my love of vintage jewellery. I often scour jewellery auctions for vintage pieces from the Fifties, Sixties and Seventies, but for every day I like Stephen Webster rose gold and diamond hoops and bangles. I want to project an air of confidence, an ease with who I am and where I am in life.

At the moment I’ve got a hankering for a tuxedo jacket. My husband works for Gieves & Hawkes on Savile Row, so I’m hoping he can whip something up for me. In the meantime there’s a gold jacket I picked up in New York that I’m saving for something special.


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Lizette Flores is redefining what beautiful means by revamping generic looking dolls to make them more multicultural.

The Beloeil, Que. resident takes dolls designed by well-known toy companies and repaints them to represent women of all colours.

Joyce Ching: Her time has come

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"A Barbie doll is just a preconceived image of a what a beautiful woman should look like," Flores said.

"I find it sad. It dictates what we should look like to feel beautiful and loved."

Flores' dolls are designed to represent several different cultural groups: Brazilian, Cuban, Mexican, Afghan and Inuit.

"Every girl is beautiful," she said.

Flores said the idea came to her this year after her daughter, who is of Mexican decent, started showing signs of insecurity.

The 13-year-old came home upset one day because one of her classmates had made a comment about how dark her skin had become over the summer.

"I was like okay, but why does this matter?" said Flores.

She started painting the dolls, which she calls Pixan dolls, about a month ago. She sells the dolls on the online craft market, Etsy.

Flores said she believes there are children who are fine with people who look different and others who may not be.

"What makes the different positive and negative reactions? It has to come from education," she said.

One of Flores' dolls was purchased by a history teacher in Australia who wanted to show her class how the female body has been depicted throughout history.

Celebrating body shapes

It's not just about paint. Flores started off by making woolen dolls.

She said she enjoyed knitting them because she was able to modify their different body shapes.

One of her favourite dolls was a woolen doll modeled after Nalie, aMontreal blogger who documented her battle with breast cancer.

"She was bald and she was beautiful," said Flores about the Nalie doll.

Several other artists have picked up on the same idea, producing dolls that more closely resemble real women and girls.

The Lammily doll by designer Nickolay Lamm has real looking features—freckles, acne, cellulite and all. An Australian woman has also generated a lot of attention on social media with her "made under" Bratz dolls, which she gives new life to as the Tree Change Dolls.

Flores says it's all part of a wider awareness of the impact of stereotypes and children's toys.

"There's a movement going on," Flores said, with a laugh.

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Saskatchewan Fashion Week


And nobody could be more excited and proud than the founders of the provincial showcase, Chelsea Petterson, Chris Pritchard and Candyce Fiessel.

The trio two hairstylists and a boutique co-owner/fashion buyer spearheaded the three-day event four years ago to celebrate the province’s fashion and creative design industries.

Fullscreen capture 572015 85954 AM

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“Right now, we have 30 committees and over 270 contributors. That’s really amazing to us because just a few years ago it was just three people with an idea,” Pritchard said.

“One of the reasons we started Saskatchewan Fashion Week was to bring together the (fashion and design) community a whole bunch of industries. We wanted to create an inclusive movement, and continue to grow the industry in Saskatchewan,” he explained. “Saskatchewan Fashion Week has started to kind of become a showcase or a playground for each industry that becomes involved a place outside of the daily grind, where you can really go all out and break boundaries, and kind of release all your inner passion and talents. That’s what we encourage ... to push yourself, and express yourself completely and freely.”

The theme of this year’s event is fashion, nature and art.

“We tend to see the designers raise the bar each year. The showmanship on the stage has grown each year,” Pritchard said. “There are going to be some art-related and surprising things on the runway.”

“So if you don’t have tickets to the show, you’re wanting to watch it and you’re in Vancouver or Toronto or Tokyo, you can watch Saskatchewan Fashion Week right from,” said Petterson.

This year’s event will feature 25 designers, offering a diverse approach to fashion. “Seven of them are brand new, have never shown at Saskatchewan Fashion Week before,” she pointed out.

Also new this year is the student showcase, a collaboration with the Chip and Shannon Wilson School of Design at Kwantlen Polytechnic University in Richmond, B.C.. Four students who graduated this year from the program will show their graduation collections on opening night of Saskatchewan Fashion Week.

“We have established designers and we have emerging designers, but now we’ve included one more tier with the students,” Petterson said. “It would be great to see the designers come back and see how they grow in their careers.”

Last year, Saskatchewan Fashion Week showcased a collection by 15-year-old Sage Wosminity, who made history as the youngest designer to show a collection on the runway at a Canadian fashion week.

“It’s exciting to see new, upcoming designers like Sage grow and develop, and see from year to year how they grow with their designs and their quality of craftsmanship, and their designing esthetic as a whole,” said Petterson, who mentored Wosminity this year, teaching her about marketing and designing her collection, as well as educating her on how to put on her own fashion show outside of Saskatchewan Fashion Week, and how to get her designs into retail stores.”

Saskatchewan Fashion Week has grown so much in four years that the venue had to be adapted to accommodate 650 ticket holders nightly, up from last year’s 400. “And we are getting to the point where we are finding we don’t have enough space in our three-day showcase to show all of the talent that we would like to,” Petterson said. “It’s great to see the event grow.”

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Local Scouts help the girls in Africa


Wearing dresses they made are (from left) Emily Hochschild, Emily Boer, Anna Faith Major.

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We are three independent Junior Girl Scouts from Black Mountain, NC. We worked on this project for our Bronze Award from November 2014 through April 2015. The Bronze Award is the one of the highest honors earned by Junior Girl Scouts.

Little Dresses for Africa ( is an organization that asks people to make clothes for children who need them and seeks donations to mail them to Africa. We had to plan our project, ask others for supplies, learn to sew a dress out of a pillowcase, complete 10 dresses each, and mail them.

According to the organization, girls in Africa are in need of not just adequate clothing but also hope. These dresses help them feel worthy and loved by Jesus.

When the dresses are delivered, lessons are taught about good hygiene and nutrition. Hope is a lifelong feeling that will carry these girls through life. Now that a girl has good clothes, she can go out in her world to help her family by going to school or getting a job. This can change her whole life.

Also, as long as this organization is around, this project will keep going. We feel great because we are helping these little girls.

Girls like us can do important things to make a difference all around the world!

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