Wedding: Schonder


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The Oldest House Gardens was the setting at 5 p.m. Saturday, May 9, 2015, for the marriage of Brittney Lynn Reese and Joseph Michael Schonder.

The bride is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. David Reese, and the bridegroom is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Schonder. Grandparents of the bride are Mr. and Mrs. Roger Colee, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Howard Reese. Grandparents of the bridegroom are Mr. and Mrs. James Hunt, Mr. and Mrs. Julian Goad, Ms. Virginia Schonder-Blackburn and the late Joseph Schonder.

The bride, given in marriage by her father, wore a Galina Signature floor-length ball gown of white organza with a sweetheart neckline. Her headdress was a chapel-length veil with a delicate comb of crystals and pearls. She carried a bouquet of white hydrangeas, cream mini calla lilies, white roses and cream spray roses.

Kalli Wallace was matron of honor, and Shauna Colee was maid of honor. Both wore a strapless satin short dress with pleating and a sweetheart neckline, in coral, and carried a bouquet of hydrangeas, white stargazers and white roses. Also attending the bride were Mallory McNeely, Rachel Meizus, Jessica Schonder and Taylor Schonder. The attendants also wore dresses matching that of the matron and maid of honor and carried bouquets of the same flowers.

Jessica Brumleve, escorted by her husband, Eric Brumleve, carried the unity sand keepsake vase, which was placed on the table between the bride and groom’s individual vials of decorative sand in coral and tan.

Matthew Schonder and Marc Schonder served as best men. Groomsmen were Brian Hudgins, Aaron Jackson, Austin Reese and Luke Taylor. The groomsmen wore tuxedos by Allure accented with a handmade starfish boutonniere.

Gordon Keller, Pastor, First Baptist Church, Chiefland, Florida, was the Marriage Officiant, and Dr. David Beauchamp, Pastor, Crescent Beach Baptist, lead the wedding reception dinner prayer to bless the special day.

The reception, hosted by the bride’s parents, was held at the St. Francis Barracks. An outside setting of hanging lights, table lanterns, driftwood and shells transformed the barracks into a unique beach setting. After the reception, the bride and groom left the reception in a horse-drawn carriage for a tour of the city before being dropped at the Historic Casa Monica Hotel.

The rehearsal dinner, hosted by the groom’s parents, was held at Creekside Dinery. An outdoor sports theme was the setting for the evening.

After a weekend stay at the historic Casa Monica Hotel, a two-day stay at Universal Orlando, and a seven-day Western Caribbean cruise to Haiti, Jamaica and Mexico aboard Royal Caribbean’s Oasis of the Seas, the newlyweds are residing in St. Augustine.Read more at:formal dresses


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Models race for the crown


PHOTO: envisions photography

The 16 and open age group winners are (from left) Charne van Rooyen (third) Talisa Cornwall (winner) and Katelyn Thompson (second).

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A PRESTIGIOUS pageant took place at Umthunzi Hotel and Conference Centre on Saturday. Organised by Stacey Upfold from Ultimate Events, the Miss and Mr Day at the Races was well supported by models, their families and friends.

Models arrived bright and early that morning and enjoyed a two-hour preparation workshop with style guru, Kevin Ellis.

After the workshop models went to rehearsals. They then got dressed in their Durban July Captains Table­-themed outfits.

All returned in the afternoon for photos with Wayne Rust Photography and ?Envisions Photography.

Fashion gurus Ellis and Gareth Greeves, who choreographed and styled contestants on the X Factor South Africa series as well as Durban July winners for 10 years in a row, dressed and styled 17 Ultimate Events models who opened the show.

“This in itself was a incredible sight to see and I am proud to have been associated with them.

“They definitely added a element of absolute class and elegance to our theme,” said Upfold.

In total 61 models were present of which 44 were contestants in the pageant­.

Prizes included a Tablet, holiday vouchers, photoshoots, jewellery, beauty products, designer dresses, hampers and vouchers.

Spectators enjoyed wine on arrival, and waitresses serving eats followed by a candy buffet.

Winners also received “automatic finalists” entry into the prestigious sixth Annual Africa Model which takes place on 24 October at Umthunzi Hotel and Conference Centre.Read more at:prom dresses liverpool


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ドラマ'プロデュサー'で末っ子作家役を 熱演した女優のコ・ボギョルは、清純さと優雅さが目立つホワイトワンピースで視線を集めた。全体的にルーズなラインのデザインに腰のラインを強調したバンディングディテールが女性美を一層高めている。








ランドフレア_WH グラマラスな胸のラインを際立たせるホワイトロングワンピース。高く位置した腰のラインが足がさらに長く見えるようにする。

STRIPE 配色シャツ_IV フォーマルなようでカジュアルなような、演出法によって、それぞれ違った感じを出すことができるストライプのシャツ。深く開いたブイネックデザインにより、首のラインがよりスリムに長く見える。

PUFF BLOUSE_IV 揺れるフリルのブラウスで、爽やかなサマールックを楽しむことができるアイテム。Aラインに少し広がるデザインが、キュートで可愛らしい感じを与える。お尻を覆う丈により、スリムなスキニーと合わせたり、ワイドフィットパンツとともに合わせれば、スタイリッシュな装いを完成できる。


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7 mistakes even healthy eaters make


7 mistakes even healthy eaters make

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People take the first step: vowing to eat well, starting now.

But the problem after that is that they don't learn from their mistakes and within a month or so, return to their poor eating habits. Here are seven of the most common diet mistakes...

Not eating enough protein with breakfast

You decide to eat healthy and choose a bowl of cereal with non-fat milk and a banana. An hour later, you start complaining of hunger. The protein from the milk is not going to keep you full until lunchtime. So, add a healthy fat to the cereal mix, like slivered almonds, or have a little extra protein — like a hard-boiled egg. It can make a big difference in your satiety level.

Having a snack

Most nutritionists recommend a mid-morning snack if it's going to be more than four hours between breakfast and lunch. But often, people misjudge the size of their snack and create another meal. Remember, a snack is a mini-meal, and it ought to be less than 200 calories. Plus, it should contain protein, healthy fat or both. If you aren't really hungry, there's probably no need for a snack at all.

Eating a salad for lunch

Dieters often boast they're eating salads for lunch, as if they think they're following the No. 1 weight-loss guideline. Some salads are healthy, and some are not so healthy. Croutons, bacon bits, lots of cheese and a creamy dressing can be just the tip of a diet disaster. Too much chicken, too much avocado and too much olive oil can push it over the edge.

Leaving the carb off the dinner plate

Believe it or not, you can lose weight and enjoy carbs with dinner. Many people think more protein on the plate is far better than adding a carb. However, it doesn't usually work out in the protein's favour. For example, a plain 225 gm chicken breast is around 375 calories, but if you were to eat a 113 gms serving and add a half cup of brown rice, you would save about 78 calories. Besides saving calories, you'll also be getting fibre, which overall may help with weight loss.

Avoiding your 'bad' foods.Read more at:pink prom dresses


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A flexible way to lose weight


USA, New Jersey, Jersey City, Woman eating almonds


When it comes to losing weight, finding an eating plan that offers flexibility and food variety makes it easier to create a sustainable foundation for healthier lifestyle choices.

Two important aspects of weight loss are understanding how your body uses the food you consume and selecting a program you can live with long-term.

On average, a person following a balanced diet consistent with dietary guidelines eats 2,000 calories a day, which translates into approximately 225 to 325 grams of carbohydrates a day. When you consume more carbohydrates than your body can handle, your body will store the carbs you are eating as fat which has a direct impact on weight gain.

This is why keeping track of the types and amount of carbohydrates in your diet will help you shed pounds. A scientifically-proven approach to maintaining weight loss is eating an optimal protein, high fiber, healthy fats, low-carb diet as it can keep you feeling full and satisfied and eliminates unnecessary snacking or overeating.

Atkins 40 is designed for people who have 40 pounds or less to lose. With a daily allowance of 40 grams net carbs, people can customize their diet with a wide variety of nutritious foods to lose weight and maintain it.

This approach focuses on the quality and quantity of carbs consumed, while avoiding or limiting added sugar and overly refined carbs such as white flour, which are low in nutritional value. Instead, you get your carbs from high-fiber vegetables and other good-for-you foods such as nuts and seeds, a variety of fruits, whole grains, legumes and dairy.

“Atkins 40 fits a variety of lifestyles and teaches people how to eat wholesome food for life,” said Colette Heimowitz, vice president of nutrition and education for Atkins Nutritionals, Inc. “It’s a simple approach that sets you up for long-term success by letting you eat more of the right foods without letting hunger take over your life.”

To understand how carbs can fit into a healthy meal plan, consider this typical day of meals for a person on Atkins 40:

Approximately 15 grams net carbs from high fiber vegetables

Remaining 25 grams net carbs from a list that includes foods such as Greek yogurt, fruit, nuts, whole grains and legumes

Three 4-6 ounce servings of protein such as fish, poultry, meats, eggs or vegetarian sources of protein

2-4 servings of healthy fats throughout the day

6-8 glasses of water

A daily multi-vitamin

For example, on an average day you might start with 1/2 cup oat bran with 1/4 cup strawberries and 1/4 cup pecans, followed by a mid-morning snack of 1/2 cup red peppers and half a dozen cherry tomatoes with a side of 2 tablespoons creamy dressing or hummus. Lunch could consist of a salad with romaine lettuce topped with 4-6 ounces salmon and 2 tablespoons Caesar dressing. For a late afternoon snack, you could have 1/2 cup cottage cheese with half a peach. To conclude your day, you could eat 4-6 ounces grilled chicken with a side of asparagus for dinner, with a fresh mozzarella and tomato salad.Read more


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「The Cut」より翻訳引用




「The Cut」より翻訳引用





他にも行く場所はあります。他にも挑戦できることはあります。だから失敗することを恐れないで。挑戦しないよりは失敗した方がいいのです。挑戦する勇気を持って。そうでなければ何のために生きているの?Read more at:red prom dresses


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楽曲「PLAYBACK」は、ネット上で「この曲アガる!誰が歌ってるの?」「YouTubeでミュージックビデオ観たけど、めちゃくちゃオシャレ!」などのコメントが殺到。6月度有線お問合せランキング1位、およびレコチョク・着うた週間ランキング1位を獲得し、先日には史上最大級のファッションフェスタ「第21回 東京ガールズコレクション2015 A/W」の公式ソングにも決定した。

「HAIR」は、「HAIR is FASHION」(ヘアスタイルはファッションみたいにもっと楽しめる!)をコンセプトとしたヘアスタイルスナップSNS。美容師とヘアモデル、一般のユーザーが、ヘアスタイルの写真を通してコミュニケーションを取ることができる。美容室のメッカである原宿、表参道、青山を中心に利用が広がり、同エリアの美容師の4人に1人が使用しており、投稿スナップは約60,000枚以上、登録スタイリスト約5,000人以上、ダウンロード数は250,000を超えるという。


なお、7月9日には日本テレビ系「ZIP!」にてインタビューがオンエア。また、10日にはテレビ朝日系「ミュージックステーション」にて話題の”コーラスダンサーズ”とのパフォーマンスを披露し、12日にはテレビ朝日系「関ジャム完全燃SHOW」にて小室哲哉、関ジャニ∞と今回限りの貴重なセッションを披露する。Read more at:cocktail prom dresses


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Alexa Chung scared of starting own fashion label


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Alexa Chung has revealed she's terrified at the prospect of starting her own fashion label but is hoping to learn a lot from the experience.

The 31-year-old model has revealed she's going to start designing her own line of clothes, and - although a date is yet to be set for its release - she has admitted she's nervous about the prospect.

She said: ''Yeah, I'm going to (start my own fashion label). It seems scary. But everything else has been scary, in hindsight. It's just that I didn't have time to think about it. I need to revisit that attitude and get on with it.

''Everything doesn't have to be perfect, I've realised. You can learn as you go.''

The British TV presenter - who has already designed two lines for AG Jeans - creates clothes to reflect her own tastes and added she always keeps the unpredictable UK weather in mind.

Speaking to the Daily Telegraph newspaper's Stella magazine about her new US girl-gang-inspired line for the denim brand, Alexa said: ''I wanted all those things myself, but lots of people said, 'Can't you do something that I can wear?' Like, 'Oh, for God's sake, grow up, Alexa.' I really wanted this skirt [A-line in a 1970s style] and little blouses. I do like a blouse.

''I just can't help myself. Even if I'm in California trying to do a girl-gang collection, I want to make things that are weather appropriate [for the UK]. I can't throw caution to the wind without putting a cagoule on.''Read more here:formal dresses online


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Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience” to return for the third roun


By Nayera Yasser

Once again, the heart of Dubai Mall will be turned into a world-class runway to host the world’s latest designs. The world’s fashion elite is set to head to Dubai for an outstanding fashion celebration at the third edition of “Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience”, the largest of its kind fashion event in the Middle East.

This extravagant show is hosted by Emaar Properties in partnership with Vogue Italia to sustain Dubai’s global position as a fashion capital. The event is also supported by the Dubai Design & Fashion Council, which was established to strategically develop and position Dubai as a world-leading and credible fashion destination.

“The third edition of Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience promises another amazing celebration of fashion and support of emerging fashion talent. In addition to welcoming fashion enthusiasts from around the world and presenting the latest style trends, the event serves as a true facilitator of emerging and undiscovered talent, underlining how Dubai is at the forefront of fostering the next generation of international fashion designers,” said Natalie Bogdanova, Senior Director, Business Development & Operations, Emaar Malls.

Over the course of two days, 29 and 30 October 2015, “Vogue Fashion Dubai Experience” will celebrate both established designers and undiscovered talents.

The first edition of the “Who Is On Next Dubai” competition aims to discover new fashion designers from the Middle East, Asia and Africa, specialised in womenswear, menswear and accessories. The winner of each category will receive the opportunity of fashion shows in Italy, in the Pitti Uomo in Florence, in Altaroma in Rome, gaining an invitation to during Milan Fashion Week, and to sell their couture in a temporary store in The Dubai Mall and on Yoox Premium e-commerce platform.

The judging committee includes major names from all the known fashion capitals such as Carlo Capasa, Raffaello Napoleone, Silvia Venturini Fendi, Franca Sozzani, Federico Marchetti, Salama Alabbar, Christopher Bailey, Christian Louboutin, Nez Gebreel, Noura Binzagr, Naomi Campbell, Godfrey Deeny, Seda Domaniç, Hanneli Rupert, Priya Tanna and Ritu Upadhyay.

Just as every year, the third edition’s showcase is organised by The Dubai Mall, and Vogue Italia. The fashion show will be featuring emerging international and regional designers, selected by Vogue Italia, right on the centre stage of The Dubai Mall’s Fashion Catwalk. The festivities will also include hundreds of exclusive in-store activations, live music and other lifestyle events.


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Bittinger: Historic Wedding Dresses


Bittinger: Historic Wedding Dresses
Weddings bring friends and families together, and a new wedding gown exhibit in Woodstock has also brought townspeople together as they’ve gone through dresser drawers and attic trunks for heirloom wedding gowns and accessories for the exhibit “Love in Woodstock” from 1780 to 2015. They’ve also looked through family albums for pictures featuring these gowns, now on display at the Dana House, circa 1807, located on Elm Street in downtown Woodstock.

Our contemporary idea of a wedding gown seems to have begun when Britain’s Queen Victoria married Prince Albert in 1840, in a magnificent white satin and lace dress that - most importantly - was white.

Late 18th century green wedding gown

photograph:long prom dresses

Before Victoria’s big splash on the international stage, American brides usually wore the best dress they already owned for a parlor wedding at home. The dress was usually not pure white, nor the focal point of a large church ceremony. After Victoria, Godey’s Lady’s Book in America declared the white wedding dress a symbol “of the purity and innocence of girlhood, and represents … the unsullied heart now yielding to the chosen one.”

Woodstock brides too, changed with the times. Some of the dresses look uncomfortable with their corsets and crinolines and one ultra-slimming dress didn’t bother with buttons or zippers but had to be sewn onto the bride.

Woodstock was a Shiretown and something of a fashion enclave. It became the county seat in 1786 and was one of the most populated towns in Vermont. It boasted a professional class, and when Charitie Scott Loomis married Charles Dana in 1848, her gown was embellished with silk and taffeta.

There are nineteen wedding gowns on display in this exhibit - many lovingly handed down through generations and worn by several brides in a single family – like the Hazen-McConway dress, that was worn by nine brides from 1903 to 2005. There’s a gown for each decade and 250 photos of happy wedding parties.

Matthew Powers, Director of the History Center, notes that some twenty years ago a local church sponsored fashion shows that featured wedding gowns – an event that may have added a little incentive to Woodstock’s practice of preserving wedding apparel.

Throughout the exhibit, Educational Coordinator Jennie Shurtleff has included educational features at a child’s eye level – so a young visitor can feel different types of silk, for example, or examine packets of cotton seeds.

Heirloom wedding dresses can be seen as both timeless memories and a fashion timeline. The exhibit at the Woodstock History Center offers the two in an interesting combination.

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