Animal cruelty isn’t en vogue


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As fashion is all around us, it is easy to become attuned to the latest trends and styles. Twice a year, designers, bloggers and style lovers unite to attend shows in the “Big Four” fashion capitals of the world: New York, London, Milan and Paris. Catwalks are filled with glitz, glamour and all that encompasses the luxuries of high fashion.

Or is it?

Each year the not-so-glamorous side of fashion tends to go unnoticed. As the latest fur coat or leather heels strut by, it is often not the case we question how these pieces were created. According to, to meet the current demand for animal apparel (fur or mink coats, leather booties, etc.), millions of animals are killed each year—all in the name of fashion. That is where the recurring question of, “when is enough, enough?” becomes exhausted once more.

Although we have been conditioned to see this, year after year, not only on the catwalks, walking down the street or wherever we may go, it does not make it OK for designers and consumers to succumb to animal cruelty. One fashion designer noted for her stance on advocating animal rights in the clothing industry is Stella McCartney. Daughter of the former Beatles member, Paul McCartney, and animal rights activist, Linda McCartney, Stella McCartney has stepped up to use responsible materials in her clothing and designs in place of ones derived from animals. A lifelong vegetarian, she sets an example for other designers to acknowledge animal rights and to follow her production process.

Even through collaborations with other designers, McCartney remains true to her values. Since 2005, Adidas by Stella McCartney has been a highly sought-after partnership in the fashion and sportswear category. Some of McCartney’s clothing provides labels that elaborate her “no animal” policy. For example, one of her jackets for Adidas says, “suitable for sporty vegetarians” on the sleeve. Pretty cool, huh?

Unfortunately, Stella McCartney is unique to the fashion industry through this distinction. Although she is not 100 percent animal-free (she still uses wool), she has taken a huge ethical step in favor of animals and their rights. From Chanel to Alexander Wang to Roberto Cavalli, the ethical treatment of animals is not something commonly acknowledged or practiced. It is important to note there are other alternatives to animal derived products that can be implemented without the violence. It is a prevalent problem that will be exhausted until the right actions are taken.Read more at:formal dresses uk


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Legs in style


Young girls prefer leggings for various reasons. Summer or winter, seasons don’t matter — one can just mix and match a pair of leggings with any kind of top they like and still look hot. The good thing about leggings is that they go with all body types. As they are comfortable and easy to carry off, it makes them a must-have in every girl’s wardrobe.

Our city fashion designers advise teenagers to flaunt these outfits with confidence and style. Here are a few things that one should remember while sporting or picking a legging to avoid any goof-up.

Flaunt with long tops

Unlike the regular bottoms or jeans, leggings stick to your skin. As they are stretchable, they can be worn by literally anyone. “It is always advisable to match a legging with long tunics or kurtas as it will look elegant and classy,” says Banjara Hills-based designer P Keerthi from Vasu Designers. She also mentions that oversized tops balance out the apparel in a perfect way.

Don’t pair with cropped tops

It is better to avoid leggings with cropped tops. City-based fashion designer, Bhargavi Kunam who runs her own label feels that wearing a crop top over a legging might make it look a little awkward.

She says, “Because of the fabric’s elasticity, leggings will not look good with cropped tops. It might go well with a few but for most, it may end up as a fashion disaster.”

Mix and match with other fabrics

One should always pair them with other materials. Sporting them with regular patterns, designs or fabrics will not bring out the best. It is good to go with printed leggings as they make you look better. Try out a leather legging to make a style statement without feeling uncomfortable.

Wear the right shoes

Right shoes are one thing that can make your legging look stylish. “Pair your leggings with some high boots and comfortable ballerinas, and you are all set,” says Bhargavi. Another thing you should keep in mind is to avoid wearing anything bulky.Read more at:yellow prom dresses | grey prom dresses


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Embrace the flamboyance



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While protecting yourself from the sun is a basic requisite during the summers, you can do it in style with these accessories. Just make sure that you do one at a time – like a hat and umbrella together would definitely look bizarre.

Go retro

There’s no better time than the summers to unleash your fashion sense by experimenting on sunglasses. Go retro with the cat eye, Jackie O or wayfarer. Pick bright colours like red or turquoise to suit the season’s energy. Sunglasses can, in fact, make or break your looks.

Hat tact

Now that blocking the harsh and harmful sun is the agenda, why not do that in poise? Hat comes in handy in such situations. They come in an extensive variety. The typical sun hats, also known as the brimmed hats or oversized floppy hats are the most popular choice given its wide brim and impeccable fashion quotient.

Bright scarf

A colourful scarf can up your look to many different levels. You can wrap it around your neck or tie it around the waist as a belt and the best part is, it goes with any outfit – be it a dress, or a fancy top or plain shirt or t-shirt. Silk and cotton are the safe fabrics to go for.


A plain bright coloured umbrella or the one with lively patterns can indeed help you carry yourself in style, only if you are willing to carry the umbrella around. Go for the huge fancy ones to once again sport a retro look.Read more at:green prom dress


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Jourdan Dunn cries every fashion week


The 26-year-old model - who was discovered at the age of just 15 - has admitted the hectic period of runway shows always leaves her feeling exhausted and homesick, and she will regularly pick up the phone to call her mother Dee when she is upset.

Speaking to Grazia magazine, the brunette beauty said: "There hasn't been a single Fashion Week where I haven't cried.

"I always end up ringing my mum, crying, 'Mummy, I want to go home. These people are crazy.' "

Jourdan - who has a seven-year-old son, Riley - is very close to her parent and was devastated the first time she worked away without her by her side at the age of 18.

She recalled "I remember the first trip without her. I cried on the plane to New York. I cried at the agency, I cried at the apartment. I cried every day because I missed by family. I was scared."

And the British beauty admits she didn't enjoy modelling when she first started her career.

She said: "When I started, I honestly did not enjoy it. I didn't talk to anybody, I used to write everyone else off like, 'You're fashion people, I'm normal. You don't get me, you're not from where I'm from. '"

When Jourdan had her child, her partner was jailed for drug possession and the model credits her family for helping her get through the tough time in her life.

She explained: "The women in my family are extremely strong. My mother and great grandmother just made it work and even though I was going through so much with the fact I got pregnant, and with Riley's dad, my mum made me realise I didn't have the time to sit down and think about it and be in my feelings.

"I just had to get on with it and do it."Read more at:marieprom | evening dresses uk


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Wedding hall kept under lock and key


Residents in Nolambur are puzzled as to why the ‘newly’ constructed two-storey building, intended as a wedding hall, has remained locked for more than a year.

The building was constructed by the Chennai Corporation on TNHB Phase First Main Road in Nolambur. Residents of the locality rued the fact that while private wedding halls are making huge profits through rentals, the Chennai Corporation, having constructed a modern building, continued to keep it locked.

Residents said that hall has all the facilities, including ample car parking, a lift and a modern kitchen.

V. Rajan, a social activist in Nolambur, said that not many know that the locked building belongs to the Chennai Corporation as the civic body has not even fixed a display board.

Residents’ demand

Residents wanted the marriage hall, which is located on prime property near the underpass of the Chennai Bypass, to be thrown open to the public as soon as possible.

Nolambur, which was managed by a panchayat, was added to the Chennai Corporation in 2011.

A senior official of the Chennai Corporation refused to give any reason for the marriage hall being locked for several months, but said it would be opened to the public soon.Read more at:prom dresses 2017 | cheap prom dresses uk


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Billie Faiers to design her own wedding dress


Billie Faiers will design her own wedding dress.

The 27-year-old reality TV star - who has daughter Nelly, two and one-month-old son Arthur with fiance Greg Shepherd - has had a change of heart when it comes to her gown.

Billie previously shunned the chance to design her own dress, having vowed in 2015 to "leave it to the professionals" but now, following the launch of her new In The Style spring collection, she is excited about the possibility.

Speaking to MailOnline, Billie said: "I've got my eye on some dresses I love but it would be amazing to be able to design my own."

She previously claimed finding the perfect dress would be a "nightmare", explaining: "With wedding dresses the possibilities are endless aren't they. I reckon I'm probably going to be a nightmare and try on a million dresses before I find the right one so I'll probably just leave that to the professionals."

And whilst Billie has put expanding her brood further on hold until after she ties the knot, she teased that she's planning an exotic beach ceremony.

She said: "'I definitely want to get married first and maybe [more kids] in the future. But at the moment we're really happy with two. Wedding plans are coming along well. We don't have a date yet but we'll have one set by September. My dream wedding would be somewhere incredible, on a beach with my family and friends there."

The pair got engaged during their babymoon break to the Maldives back in 2014 when Billie was expecting Nelly and she says the tot has become an "amazing big sister".

She said: "Nelly has taken to Arthur so well. She's an amazing big sister and won't leave Arthur's side. Arthur is settling in perfectly - everyone absolutely loves him."Read more at:pink prom dresses uk | green prom dress


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One-Woman Show to Tour Wandsworth


Who Do You Think You Are meets Don’t Tell The Bride in a new one-woman show which explores how our concepts of race, identity and relationships can be challenge.

Dominoes, written, performed and produced by Phoebe McIntosh, is to tour select venues across Wandsworth in May.

The 60 minute show is the story of history teacher Layla McKinnon, who is preparing for her wedding to Andy in the school holidays when she discovers an unsettling link in their pasts; one which poses a threat to her friendships, her sense of identity and the wedding itself. As she pieces together her family tree, reminisces about the past and worries about the future, she tries to hold onto her best friend and her husband-to-be and find out who she is and where she fits in.

The exploration of being what Layla calls, “a domino” (a little bit of both - black and white), is showing at Tara Theatre, Earlsfield, on Thursday 11 May, and The Cat’s Back, Putney, for Fragility Takeover on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 May.

Phoebe, 31, has been working as an actress since 2008 when she completed her training at Arts Educational (Chiswick, where she is also from). She has since worked in a range of independent films, commercials and fringe theatre productions. Dominoes is her second self-penned play.

Not content with simply auditioning for existing roles, she began writing her own plays and casting herself. She wrote and performed in a sell-out run of her first play, The Tea Diaries, at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2013.

She said: “Acting is the best job in the world, when you get the chance to do it. The nature of the business is that there are times when you’ll be out of work as a performer. But I wanted to do something to tip the balance towards working (more often than not) by creating projects which excite me.”

Phoebe performed in another show for the Wandsworth Arts Fringe in 2016 and was inspired to use the annual festival as a platform to debut her own new writing.

“I performed in a digital promenade show called A Secret Life (by Baseless Fabric Theatre Company) last year. It involved the audience following the lead actress through Battersea Park as they listened to her story as thoughts in her head via an app they downloaded to their smartphones before the show”.

Phoebe’s character waited for the audience to arrive at a local pub where her scene would take place. She had to lip-sync her lines so that they were in time with what the audience could hear through their headphones.

“It was challenging getting it right. We wore security style earpieces so that we could hear what they could hear. It was definitely a unique experience for both actor and audience.”

After A Secret Life had finished its run, Phoebe began writing Dominoes. The story, based on imagined and personal experiences, explores the complexities of being mixed-race. It asks the audience to consider whether the difficulties of the past will always pose a threat to the future and if discovering your identity means picking a side.

Phoebe said: “I felt compelled to add to the discussion on diversity which is picking up pace in the arts. I’m really excited about the show. It’s been a learning curve to produce, perform and write something without a cast around me, but I hope the story will grab people’s attention and resonate with their own thoughts about identity and what it means to be different, as well as the trials and tribulations of wedding planning, which I’m sure lots of people can empathise with.”Read more at:cheap prom dresses uk | graduation gowns


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An exhibition to amp up your fashion game


If you're looking for accessories to match your outfit, or the perfect dress for your next date, or a gorgeous suit for your friend's wedding, here's good news for you.

The 15th edition of Runway Rising is all set to kick-start, and will witness over 100 designers coming together, offering various merchandise including footwear, accessories and clothes.

The exhibition is a great platform for young and talented designers, along with established top notch- designers/brands to cater to the needs of Delhi's elite crowd. With accessories starting from just 2000 bucks, the exhibition is pocket friendly and serves a varied palate in terms of designs, options and price range.

The exhibition will be held on April 12th at the Ashoka Hotel in New Delhi, and is featuring designers like Kalista , Bodhi Tree Jaipur, Label Kiss by Archana Vijay, The Pink Mirror , Sanam Tamanna Dubai , Pink Cow, Hera by AJ, Ultraviolet ,Love generation, Noble Faith, Devani ,Zephyr by Jyoti Khosla , Balance by Rohit Bal and many more.

If you are looking for some cool modern and traditional fusion jewellery, you must check out Devanshi Renu Jewels. This Delhi based fine jewellery design house has an amazing collection of silver, diamond, gold and kundan meena jewellery. The jewel pieces are elegant, exquisite and exclusive.

Started by a mother-daughter duo, it has a design philosophy of inspiring and creating elegance with beauty. It brings you designs from the era of Anarkali to the time period of modern femininity. What's more, they are ready to launch their all new collection on the 12th April 2017 from 11am to 8pm. So, get set to be mesmerized by some trendy accessories!Read more at:occasion dresses | evening dresses uk


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Her Favorite Coachella Fashions


Chanel Imam Teva Styling Suite

Model Chanel Iman has been coming to Coachella since before she was old enough to have a beer garden wristband, and she’s among the beautiful people who festival style photographers can count on each year to come dressed to the nines (Katy Perry, Kate Bosworth and Karlie Kloss are a few others).

On Wednesday afternoon, Iman hosted the Teva Festival Fashion Styling Suite at Good Times at Davey Wayne’s in Hollywood. Decked out in a striped Petar Petrov jacket, matching palazzo pants, an Alexander Wang crop top and Teva Original Universal sandals, Iman gave the once-crunchy footwear a new spin. She also took a few minutes to tell WWD about her Coachella fashion game plan.

WWD: What festival footwear do you have your eye on right now?

Chanel Iman: I really love the Teva Original Sandal Fringe because they are fashionable yet fuctional. Coachella is all about the fringe, and all my shoe choices are very comfortable because it’s an all-day event. I also like the Flatform Universal Mirrored Metal style because it’s a little more fashion-forward. It gives you height but it’s still a flat.

WWD: What’s your favorite thing about Coachella?

C.I.: I just love the vibes at Coachella; it’s such good energy and positive. You can be free to be yourself, listen to good music, eat good food and make good memories with friends.

WWD: What’s your festival fashion game plan?

C.I.: I pack light and plan ahead of time which looks I’ll wear each day because the last thing you want is to have to figure out what to wear when you could be spending time at the festival.

WWD: How do you describe your festival style?

C.I.: I just go for desert Coachella vibes — mismatched pieces that kind of work together. Since it’s so hot I don’t like layers. I like shorts, skirts, crop tops and dresses that are light and flowy. I also like denim and swimwear is nice sometimes, going off to pool parties. And I always have some accessories for the hair because Coachella style is about the full look.

WWD: What about your accessories?

C.I. I try to keep it simple and light. I don’t even like bags. If I do carry one, it’s a little backpack so I can let loose. I don’t like to swing a purse around.

WWD: How many suitcases do you pack for the weekend?

C.I.: Just one big one.

WWD: I think the first time we photographed you at Coachella you wore some serious stilettos.

C.I.: (Laughs). Once I wore heels and I was torturing myself the whole day. Now it’s all about comfort and I will never do that again.Read more at:green prom dress | quinceanera dresses


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Losing weight


Getting rid of some old friends might come as more of a surprise.

Yet losing friends is a well-documented side-effect of losing a lot of weight. A study by the Detroit Free Press reported that losing weight can be ‘enormously alienating’ to friends and partners of the newly skinny person.

Why? Because it’s not just the outside of yourself that you’re changing.

Losing weight means changing your routine. It means letting go of certain eating habits, becoming more active and altogether making adjustments to the way that you live your life.

If your friendships are centred around certain rhythms and routines, disrupting them can be difficult for other people. After all, you’ve decided to lose weight, but they might not have done. You can’t expect people who love you to automatically want to climb into the lycra because you are.

I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve had newly slim friends turn their noses up at dinner parties, or refuse to come to the pub, because of their fitness kick.

It’s great for them, really great. But it feels like a big slap in the face to act like it’s the ‘right’ way to be. And it can come across as disrespectful to all the fun times you previously shared together.

The other major issue is one of expectation. Just because you’ve decided your body should change, doesn’t mean that you should make anyone else feel that they should too.

I’m just as guilty of it as anyone else. A few weeks in, I’ve dropped half a stone and I think I’m Deliciously Ella’s healthier, bouncier twin.

But that kind of obsessive positivity about nutrition and food is not endearing. Nothing is more irritating than an endorphin high friend compelling you to come running with them, or offering cooking tips. It’s rude. The day after I got engaged a (now ex) friend who had lost a couple of stone sidled up to me and said, ‘This is going to be so fun, you’re finally going to let me teach you how to lose weight!’

Sadly, this kind of thing isn’t uncommon. Whether you’re a size 10 or a size 30, a friend who’s found a successful diet is a potential for evangelical preaching. Whether it’s dominating a night out by talking about syns and Slimming World meetings or trying to get your friends to go to a HIIT class instead of the pub, we get it. You’ve discovered something that makes you really happy. But that doesn’t mean anyone else wants to join in. And however well-intentioned it is, asking someone if they’d like to come to Weight Watchers with you is always rude.

What you eat is not fundamentally interesting to anyone other than yourself. Try hard to remember that. It’s astonishing how few people do. Yes, it might be exciting to be able to make pancakes with oats and banana, but it’s not fair to spend hours going on about it. I’ve occasionally caught myself yapping about my favourite bootcamp class and realised that I am in dire danger of becoming the kind of person that I hate.

Engaged people who talk only about their wedding, pregnant people whose only topic of conversation is their foetus: it’s all part of the same problem. Having a focus can make it difficult to remember that there’s a big wide world around you.

The difference between boring wedding or baby obsessed friends is that at least those are arguably less emotionally loaded areas than weight.

One of the worst habits that I’ve observed in friends who’ve lost more significant amounts of weight is the way that they talk about their ‘old’ bodies – with complete vitriol.

Talking about how ‘huge’ you were before or describing yourself as ‘fat’, when you wouldn’t have done so before, can end up being pretty hurtful – especially if your friends are now bigger than you. It might not be intended and an insult but that’s certainly how it might land.

After a significant weight loss, I’ve known women to consider themselves to be different people. That’s their prerogative, but that doesn’t mean that it’s time to start slagging off the ‘old’ version.

Your friends liked that version. Your friends shared pizzas and nights out and long tipsy conversations with that person. And of course, they’ll learn to love the new you, who’s more into wheatgrass shots than tequila ones. But they’re not going to get a chance to adjust to your new lifestyle if you bombard them with it, and especially not if, in doing so, you make them feel judged.

You’re not expected to hide your lifestyle change, or keep your mouth shut. But if you don’t want your diet to affect your friendships? Try to keep your nutrition chat to about the same level you’re willing to tolerate from other people on babies, weddings or how much they hate their boss.Read more at:graduation gowns | long prom dresses


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