Windhoek Fashion Week pays up



The Namibian understands that Namibian models have finally been paid for walking the ramp at the first ever WFW which took place in November 2016. It's however not clear if all the models have been paid yet.

Georgina Kandjeke, who has been vocal about her frustrations from the beginning, confirmed that she had been paid and even got “a little bit extra” on top of the amount that was owed to her.

“Yes, we did get paid and some of my friends who also modelled at the event confirmed with me that they also were paid,” she told The Namibian last week. While sounding very upbeat, Kandjeke said that she was happy that everything had been sorted out. “We're good now. Some of us will probably never work with each other again but it's all good,” she said.

Another model, Varaakuani Hambira, also confirmed that she was paid last week as well. She is hopeful that the drama with the payment issue won't affect the fashion industry and revealed that given the chance, she would still attend castings to take part in the next Fashion Week.

“I'll definitely do it again, If they'll still have me,” she said. “At the end of the day, it's all about the fashion industry and I want to be involved wherever I can.”

When contacted by The Namibian, WFW's Luis Munana said that in addition to their payments, the models were also given their letters of apology.

“We're looking forward to moving forward and we're already planning the next Fashion Week for 2017 in terms of finances, logistics and who we'll partner with so that things will be sorted out before the actual event,” he said.

Munana also stressed that at the end of the day the aim of WFW was always to grow the industry and to garner recognition for Namibian talent. “There's absolutely no bad blood whatsoever, all we want to do is move forward and we're looking forward to working with everybody again.”

The models had expressed frustration at not getting paid for services rendered at the first ever WFW despite hearing that their international counterparts had been paid soon after the event.

WFW was to date the biggest fashion event to take place in Namibia with a host of Namibian and regional fashion designers showcasing their work at what was supposed to be a two-day event.Read more at:cocktail dresses uk