With these essentials, be monsoon ready


Now that we are freed from the hot summer weather for the year, we can enjoy the dip in the temperature, rain and a cup of coffee. But, there are a few things we need to take care of before stepping out.

You might have to opt for a bigger bag, but carrying along with you all these essentials will take care of your overall well-being.

Umbrella & raincoat

Umbrellas have always been counted as a fashion accessory too, so shop for a couple of fancy umbrellas that will protect you from rain and complement your style too. Though raincoats may be considered outdated or only for a certain age group, you can be the odd one and flaunt it, because raincoats are still cool. “Transparent raincoats which come in both long and short length are trending,” says Sowmya Bandaru, a fashion blogger who doles out tips on her blog somystyles.com.

Bags, Sandals & scarf

Do not make the mistake of taking your favourite bag out because the rain might spoil it. “Plastic clutches, bags and rubber sandals that come in different colours and designs are in, so sport them this season,” says Sowmya. Also, including a bright coloured scarf with a floral print will not only pump up your look but also give your face that extra protection.


Along with all the above-mentioned necessities, include these items for a better rainy day. Waterproof kajal because you wouldn’t want to scare or embarrass yourself with your smudged liner. A waterproof lipstick, sunscreen, wet wipes and face wash (to avoid any infection due to the rain) would be wise too.Read more at:cocktail dresses | prom dresses uk